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580 Café Sept 2023 Community Celebrations (Wesley Foundation Serving UCLA)

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A message from the 580 Board of Directors Chairperson, Suanne Ware-Diaz:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my joy to share with you great news. Our current and former leaders have been recognized for their contributions and good works within our beloved circle and beyond. This comes as no surprise. Each and every day all who enter the 580 Café experience nourishment and refreshment for mind, body, and spirit under their care and compassion.  

Congratulations! We are proud of each of you and your accomplishments.

Karely Amaya, Peace and Justice Fellow (Beerman Foundation)

Each year, the Beerman Foundation supports the work of powerful young change-makers who walk in the path of Leonard Beerman through fellowship awards. Beerman Fellows are social justice and political activists who believe in the imperative of lifting up the marginalized, dispossessed, and afflicted. All share Leonard’s sense of prophetic urgency to bring change to the world now. Karely is a leader in the immigrant youth movement, seeking equitable and fair educational opportunities for undocumented scholars.

As a 580 Café student leader Karely’s kindness, care and faith exemplify the goals and values of our community.

Reverend Frank Wulf, Champion of Justice (Museum of Social Justice)

Reverend Frank Wulf is a longtime advocate for historically excluded communities. Frank embodies the love of God in his daily interactions with those society has displaced offering them God’s care and compassion in meaningful and compassionate ways. His dedication to inclusion is being honored by the Los Angeles Museum of Social Justice.

Frank served as the Wesley Foundation Serving UCLA campus minister from 1997-2005. His commitment to creating beloved community for all is a cornerstone of our mission to Celebrate Life! Engage God! Love ALL!

Deaconess Jeanne Roe Smith, Bishop Melvin Talbert Award (Clifton UMC)

The Bishop Melvin Talbert Award is presented annually by Clifton UMC to a person displaying exceptional leadership around inclusive ministry and intersectional justice in The United Methodist Church. Deaconess Jeanne Roe Smith demonstrates such leadership in centering the lives and voices of those who have been marginalized.

Jeanne is being recognized for inclusive, intersectional ministry work on many levels, including the formation of the 580 Café as a community organizing space and spiritual collective for students, centering their experience and stories to build the beloved community. Read more >>