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A Blessing to Bless Others (Disaster Response Trailer)

[tw-column width=”two-third”]authenticityThe United Methodist Men of Shepherd of the Valley United Methodist Church in Indio, CA raised more than $25,000 over eight years to build a disaster response trailer which was recently donated to be used for Cal-Pac Disaster Response.

[tw-button size=”medium” background=”” color=”” target=”_self” link=””]learn more about disaster response[/tw-button]

[tw-column width=”one-third” position=”last”]Produced by: Cal-Pac Office of Communications
Filmed with: FlipCam HD
Edited with: iMovie HD
Soundtrack: The Father’s Heart (Tony Anderson)
Voiceover: Rev. Scott Andrews, Shepherd of the Valley United Methodist Church[/tw-column]

Apologies for the poor audio quality.