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Connectional Ministries Announces New Cross-Functional Staff Teams for 2018-2020

Starting July 1, 2018, the Connectional Ministries Office of the California-Pacific Conference will operate in a new cross-functional team configuration.

The teams will be formed according to the Four Priorities of 1) Transforming Vital Congregations, 2) Transforming Christian Leaders, 3) Transforming Lives, and 4) Transforming the World. Each team will work in cooperation with its related Essential Ministry Teams.

The purpose of forming these teams is to first focus on each priority and to staff accordingly, thereby nurturing a culture of collaboration, and building greater capacity to resource the transformation of the local church.

Bishop Grant Hagiya, the Connectional Table, the Executive Director of Connectional Ministries, and the entire Extended Cabinet are all in agreement that a two-year interim staffing plan for Connectional Ministries will allow our Conference to continue to be faithful and fruitful in our ministries with the possibility of institutional and fiscal changes that may follow the February 2019 Special Called Session of General Conference.

Overall oversight of the cross-functional staff teams will be provided by Rev. Myron Wingfield (Leadership, Discipleship & Spirituality, Justice & Compassion), Executive Director of Connectional Ministries, and by Rev. John Farley (New Ministries & Revitalization), South District Superintendent. Rev. Paige Eaves, as the South District Assistant District Director, will provide administrative and programmatic support in Rev. Farley’s leadership of the District.

The teams will be structured as follows:

Transforming Vital Congregations (New Ministries & Revitalization Team)

  • Rev. Anthony Boger – As the newly appointed Associate Director of New Ministries, Rev. Boger will also be a key leader on this team, following the Rev. Nicole Reilley in this office, and bringing a proven track record with new church starts
  • James Kang – As the Director of Communications and Innovation, Mr. Kang’s work will include leadership of special projects related to ministry innovation

Transforming Christian Leaders (Leadership Team)

  • Rev. Myron Wingfield – In addition to overall oversight, Rev. Wingfield will work to consult with and guide the work of the new Associate Director of Leadership
  • Rev. Darin Arntson – As the newly appointed Associate Director of Leadership, Rev. Arntson will work in close collaboration with officers of the Board of Ordained Ministry and the Orders, and continue in the work she has already begun with Bishop Hagiya, including Certified Lay Ministry training and other endeavors in leadership development

Transforming Lives (Discipleship & Spirituality Team)

  • Rev. David Berkey – As the Director of Camping, Outdoor, and Retreat Ministries, Rev. Berkey’s work will include age-level ministries throughout the Conference
  • Rev. Joel Hortiales – As Associate Director of Hispanic/Latino Ministries, Rev. Hortiales’ work will largely focus on discipleship and leadership development throughout the Conference’s Hispanic/Latino communities

Transforming the World (The Justice & Compassion Team)

  • Rev. David Farley – As the Director of Justice and Compassion Ministries, Rev. Farley’s work will continue to serve the ministries of justice and compassion throughout the Conference
  • Rev. Joel Hortiales – Continuing half-time in his role as Associate Director of Hispanic Ministries, Rev. Hortiales will also assume a half-time position as Border Missionary in our Conference, a new position sponsored in partnership with the General Board of Global Ministries. There is a three year plan for this Border Missionary position.

Over the next two years, we hope to see our Connectional ministries effectively resourcing local churches in pursuit of these four priorities, with a growing number of stories to tell about new disciples of Jesus Christ, new Christian leaders, vital congregations, and a world transformed by God’s love at work through us.