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Connectionalism Present as New Trailer is Lost in Auto Accident

newsWhile returning from its first Disaster Response project on May 25, 2014, the new Disaster Response Trailer donated by The United Methodist Men of Indio United Methodist Church (Indio, CA) was involved in a single vehicle accident.

Occupants of the vehicle towing the trailer were transported to a hospital with injuries, but were later released.

While the trailer and the vehicle towing the trailer are likely to be declared total losses, the incident brought about a resounding response from The Connection to the call to pull together in such time of need.

Immediately following the accident, 16 members of St. Mark United Methodist Church (Kingman, AZ) were present at the tow yard with a rented truck to offload the salvageable equipment still inside the trailer.  They, as well as other members of the Cal-Pac Disaster Response Team who had come from California, moved the equipment in 108 degree heat.

When the team arrived in California with the equipment, members from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church (San Bernardino, CA) to North Hollywood United Methodist Church (North Hollywood, CA) gathered at First United Methodist Church (Ontario, CA) to take the equipment inside.

Soon, a note came in from Indio UMC: “Thank you for your inspiration!  We’ll be ready to help put together the next trailer!”

Then, another came in from Hollywood UMC: “We’re sending a check to help cover for the trailer!”

Of course, more work is yet to be done and more projects are in the plans for the Disaster Response Team.  But, such mobilization of The Connection is evidence of God at work in and through the people of The United Methodist Church and the California-Pacific Conference.  Thanks be to God!

To be of assistance to, or to follow the happenings of, the Cal-Pac Disaster Response Team, check often the Disaster Response Team page (