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It’s Never Too Late for Hunger Awareness Sunday! (Hunger Task Force)

newsHas your church planned for a Hunger Awareness Sunday yet?

According to a report by the USDA, 15.9 million children and 33.1 million adults in the United States of America were food insecure in 2012.  And, while the United States average of food insecurity rate is at 14.7%, the rate for the State of California is 15.6%.  Learn more at

May 18, 2014 was Hunger Awareness Sunday for The United Methodist Church.  But, it is never too late to worship in awareness of hunger and our responsibility as people of faith in Jesus Christ.

The Cal-Pac Hunger Task Force ( web page is available as a resource for your local church.

Also, have a story to share about your church’s Hunger Awareness Sunday?  Please send to the Cal-Pac Office of Communications (!

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