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Local Church Dignity Center for Community

The Crossroads Dignity Center will re-open in November after its remodeling and is inviting all to come and help celebrate the opening of a place of hope, restoration, and community.

A place for the community to receive much needed services is far and few between in the Compton area. This Dignity Center will be a place to give hope, security and basic needed services and referral for jobs, food, housing and spiritual development.

Rev. Adrienne Zackery, Senior Pastor of Crossroads UMC said she is expecting more than 100 people from the Community, Church and from various places to celebrate the remodeled Crossroads Dignity Center and its mission to be a place to see all the people in the Compton area. The Dignity Center re-open will a focus on offering hope, restoration and services. Crossroads will be a resource for the community who need much needed support in the Community, including a place for family reunification services, employment, nutrition and housing referrals..

The Rev. Dr. Lydia Waters, who originally visioned a place for the community in the form a dignity center, will be the keynote speaker for the Ribbon-Cutting, Dedication and Worship Celebration, on Sunday, November 10, 2019 at Crossroads UMC, 2354 Wilmington Ave. in Compton.

The Compton Mayor and City Council members of Compton, CA, have all been invited to take part, as well as UMC Conference Leaders, Bishop and Cabinet.

To RSVP, please visit