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Recipients of CORR Action Fund Grant Promoting Mental Health Awareness and Wellness (Religion & Race)

August 21, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Commission on Religion and Race of The United Methodist Church (GCORR) is pleased to announce the recipients of the CORR Action Fund (CAF) Grant program, an initiative aimed at fostering mental health awareness and wellness through the creation of cohorts and small groups in the United States.

Open to both pastors and laity of the United Methodist Church in the United States, the CORR Action Fund Grant received applications from churches and ministries eager to develop cohorts that address mental health issues within a framework of inclusivity and diversity. The selected recipients have demonstrated outstanding dedication to fostering mental health awareness and wellness, as well as a strong commitment to justice-oriented praxis.

“We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the CORR Action Fund Grant program,” said CAF Committee Chair, Rev. Dr. Stephen Handy. “These individuals and groups have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing mental health awareness and wellness within the United Methodist Church community. By fostering inclusivity, diversity, and trauma-informed care, we believe these cohorts and small groups will have a lasting and positive impact on individuals and communities alike.”

The CORR Action Fund Grant program exemplifies GCORR’s dedication to promoting culturally appropriate practices and embracing diversity within the United Methodist Church. The recipients of this grant will make meaningful strides in enhancing mental health awareness and wellness, ultimately contributing to a stronger, more compassionate community. A brief description of each follows:

Building a Beloved Community
Wisconsin Conference
Awarded $10,000

This initiative will provide an opportunity to experience communal care extending through self-care. It will serve as a platform to increase awareness, offer essential assistance, and promote justice-oriented wholeness. Understanding the significant influence of mental health on individuals and communities, our goal is to cultivate a beloved community – a compassionate, secure, and nurturing space where all members actively participate in culturally sensitive and trauma-informed communal care, specially tailored to the Korean community of the Wisconsin Conference.

Mental Health for Youth in Community
California Pacific Conference
Awarded $10,000

This initiative will offer a 3-Prong ministry plan implemented through monthly and sometimes weekly gatherings to those (youth, people of color, LGBQTI) who have experienced harm in the church or are too nervous to attend church. Mental health practices will be guided by identifying mental health needs that will be sourced to therapists/practitioners for intervention and treatment.

Rising from the Ashes: Developing Community Healing in the Midst of Grief
West Ohio Conference
Awarded $10,000

The initiative will have a 7-week cohort for every quarter for 60-75 minute sessions. The program will be two weeks of processing grief, two weeks of self-care and support system building, two weeks of discovery of a new normal and fulfillment, and one week of the process of healing and new meaning.

“Safe Space”
California Pacific Conference
Awarded $10,000

We identified the need for trauma-informed and culturally appropriate services for self-identified women, emphasizing physical wellness, group support, and spirituality. We will begin with fitness and yoga sessions, three per week, for 45 to 60 minutes. Once the group has been together for 2-3 months, the support group will begin. The support group will be closed and designed for those participants who voluntarily want to be on it. After this point, the three components will continue to co-exist.