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San Diego County Declares November 17, 2015 Pastor Luis A. Garcia Day

newsThe County of San Diego declared November 17, 2015 Pastor Luis A. Garcia day in honoring the United Methodist pastor for his work with families along the California/Mexico border.

The declaration was part of the 12th Annual “Voices for Justice” breakfast of the Interfaith Center for Worker Justice where Pastor Garcia, as well as others, were specially recognized for their justice work.

lgarciaPastor Garcia’s involvement with the ICWJ included advocacy work in Sacramento, Washington D.C., and San Diego.

“This has been a humbling experience. I’m a Luke 17:10 servant: God called, empowered, and gifted me to serve his children through these kinds of ministries,” notes Pastor Garcia.

Pastor Garcia was assigned as Pastor of Nestor UMC in 2013. Nestor UMC is located less than 5 miles from the California/Mexico border.