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World Methodist Council Summit on Migration (UM Bishops)

October 2023

The World Methodist Council (WMC) hosted its second Summit on Global Migration in Manila, Philippines, September 4-8 of 2023. The churches’ response to forced migration has become a priority of the WMC and in particular of Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, the WMC Geneva Secretary.

Over twenty-five leaders from at least a dozen Methodist/Wesleyan/United churches participated, including Bishop Cedrick Bridgforth, Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, Rev. Jack Amick and Rev. Jean Hawxhurst of The United Methodist Church. Additionally, Bishop Ruby-Nell Estrella preached during the opening worship service, and Bishops Toquero and Francisco also attended parts of the meeting.

Rich and meaningful conversations were shared about what causes migration, how to be welcoming and how to work ecumenically.

Two documents were written on the final day of the consultation:

The first is a two-page statement of what the participants in the consultation said and felt. It concludes with a commitment to prayer, scriptural study and regular engagement with each other prior to the World Methodist Conference in Sweden in 2024.

The other is a petition to the conference that asks all WMC communions to focus on global migration for the following quinquennium and to hold at least one more consultation in that time.

Contact either Bishop Wenner or Dr. Hawxhurst if you would like to receive a copy of the documents.