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2021 Hunger Grant Application (Justice & Compassion)

Apply now for the 2021 Cal-Pac Hunger Grant. Hunger Grants are administered by the Hunger, Homelessness, Affordable Housing Task Force, which is part of the Justice & Compassion EMT. The maximum grant for 2021 is $500.

Since the 1970’s, the Cal-Pac Hunger Grant has been resourcing churches in feeding those in need in their community. We give preference to those groups who collaborate to help people develop sustainable lives. The funds are made available from Cal-Pac apportionment giving. Additional donations by local churches around Hunger Awareness Sunday or any time during the year also contribute to the Hunger Grant fund.

Complete all information on the application via the button below. Only online applications will be accepted; a PDF is provided for preparation. Applications without all information without signatures or submitted after April 1, 2021 will not be considered.

For questions, please contact Hunger Task Force via Rev. David Farley at or Connectional Ministries at 626.568.7371.

Apply online via the button below…