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29 Ways You Can Participate in Black History Month (Religion & Race)

No matter your heritage, culture, or racial background, Black history is EVERYONE’s story. Here are 29 ways you, your family, and your congregation can celebrate and participate in Black History Month.

  1. Patronize a local or online Black-owned business. 
  2. Attend church, Bible study, or worship at a historically Black church and experience the Gospel from another vantage point. 
  3. Sing hymns or songs during worship by a composer from the African diaspora. Include the history of the song or hymn in the church bulletin or on your website. 
  4. Attend or co-host a Black history or Black culture event in your community, in partnership with a Black congregation. 
  5. Take a church family field trip to a Black history site or museum in your area.  
  6. Learn more about “Black Harry” Hosier (c. 1750-1806), an African-American Methodist preacher and evangelist. 
  7. Research other Black United Methodist leaders from our church’s heritage. 
  8. Fearlessly learn more about how racism has and still affects Black people around the world and start confronting racism. 
  9. Donate to a Black nonprofit or empowerment organization in your community. 
  10. Watch a film by and about the heritage and lives of Black people. Titles to consider: “Antwone Fisher,” “Malcolm X,” If Beale Street Could Talk,” “Hidden Figures,” “The Hate U Give,” and One Night in Miami.”). 
  11. Watch and discuss documentaries one about the Civil Rights movement and other series on the challenges and triumphs of Black people. Suggestions: “Eyes on the Prize,” and Henry Louis Gates’ recent series, “The Black Church: This Is Our Story. This is My Song.” 
  12. Visit a landmark about the lives of local Black heroes in your area. 
  13. Read a contemporary book by a Black author. 
  14. Read a story featuring a Black hero to your children, grandchildren or to a local school class. 
  15. Seek out and talk with a Black elder (75 or older) about their experience in your community. 
  16. Study one of the 51 nations on the continent of Africa, including the language, culture, current events. 
  17. Donate to one of the 12 United Methodist-related historically Black colleges and universities in the United States and Zimbabwe. 
  18. Learn about an unsung hero of Black history. 
  19. Attend shows featuring local Black artists, actors, poets, local musicians, or dancers. 
  20. Explore the breadth of Black music, from jazz to hip-hop, and gospel to southern African folk songs. 
  21. Call out racism and prejudice aimed at Black people and other People of Color in your church and community. 
  22. Learn about “colorism” and how it plays out in our society. 
  23. Learn more about the Black UMC caucus, Black Methodists for Church Renewal.
  24. Subscribe to and learn from Black media and the Black press.
  25. Engage in positive, supportive conversations about Black history and culture on social media.
  26. Learn the lyrics to “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing”.
  27. Read Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
  28. Read a biography of an influential Black figure, such as Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Shirley Chisolm, Kobe Bryant, Michelle Obama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Justice Thurgood Marshall, the Rev. Joseph Lowery.
  29. Register and vote.

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