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A Kairos Response for Palestine in 2023 (Church & Society)

GBCS Director for Peace with Justice, Holly Metcalf, visited Beit Sahour, Palestine for the 13th Annual Kairos Palestine Conference on November 18 and 19, 2022.

January 3, 2023


The Kairos Palestine movement is an ecumenical non-violent movement led by Palestinian Christians which asserts that now is the kairos – the appointed moment – where Christians are called to labor for justice, hope, and love to end suffering in the Holy Land.

This year’s conference focused on worsening oppression and tightening restrictions faced by Palestinian Christians and the local NGOs that advocate on behalf of their dignity, freedom, and right to self-determination.

Upcoming Event

January 11, 2023 1:00PM Eastern (10:00AM Pacific | 8:00AM Hawaii)

GBCS Director of Peace with Justice, Holly Metcalf, will be a panelist at “United Methodists in Palestine” – an outbrief with a panel of United Methodist laity and clergy who attended the conference. The event is presented by Methodist Federation for Social Action (MFSA) and United Methodist Kairos Response (UMKR) – Learn More and Register Now

Take Action

We invite you to organize a group for study, reflection, and response to Palestinian calls that Christians adopt the term apartheid to describe the situation. – use the resources below alongside scripture, prayer, and faithful conversation to discern next steps in your consideration of the issue.

  • History – The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has a long history of pain and terror perpetrated by many different actors. Since 1967, the Israeli government has been the occupying power of the Palestinian territories.” (GBCS)
  • Resolution #6111 – Opposition to Israeli Settlements in Palestinian Land (2016 Book of Resolutions, United Methodist Church)
  • “A Declaration to the World” – Statement from the 2022 Kairos Conference (Kairos)
  1. Faith and Facts Card – Occupied Palestinian Territories (GBCS)
  2. Publications and Study Resources (Kairos)