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Being the Church with the Oppressed: Four African Perspectives Bible Study (Religion & Race)

This four session PDF downloadable small-group Biblical study (for groups meeting in-person or virtually) was created by and written from the perspectives of four Christian clergypersons from the continent of Africa.

Africa, a continent, not a country, comprises of 54 different countries with 1.3 billion people (compared to the 748 million people in all of Europe), and more than 1,500 different languages spoken. African people and their communities are diverse and more complex than media stereotypes.

There are Christians across the world who are doing the work of justice, transformation, healing, repentance, and repair. On every continent, in cities and villages alike, seeds are planted and are bearing the fruits of unity, ministry with the poor and marginalized, truth-telling and confronting injustice, and healing the land. This study includes stories and reflections from four of these places: Zimbabwe, Côte d’Ivoire, Mozambique, and Nigeria.

You can also download this study in French and Portuguese for free.