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Earth Day Readings to Inspire Young Climate Activists! (Church & Society)

April 21, 2022

Earth Day reminds us that God’s vision is one of hope, peace, and harmony for all of creation, including our created world. Our planet and people are important to God. So, we are asked by God to help care for the earth and God’s people. We have a responsibility to steward God’s creation.

A great Native American proverb states: “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” As United Methodists, we support policies that reduce emissions, protect vulnerable communities and build a sustainable, equitable world for us and future generations ( social principles ¶ 160 ).

We hope this list of readings from our Sacred Worth Books collection will inspire readers to protect and care for creation.

Rebel Girls Climate Warriors: 25 Tales of Women Who Protect the Earth, features 25 women from around the world who have and are acting to protect the earth. Readers are encouraged to immerse themselves in nature, capture the beauty of creation, and are given tips to live more green. The books’s main message is together we can protect creation and care for one another.

Zonia’s Rain Forest author and illustrator Juana Martinez-Neil takes us to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru to see the life of an Asháninka girl who lives in the rainforest. We see a world of wonder and amazing creators. Then the story takes a turn as we see deforestation and are told the forest needs our help.

Nibi Emosaawdang / The Water Walker, by Joanne Robertson, author and illustrator, captures the work of Ojibwe grandmother, Josephine Mandamin, who was committed to bringing people’s attention to the need to protect the water. She started the Water Walkers movement and has inspired many worldwide to take action and protect water. Readers are encouraged to get to know the water near you and think about what might be affecting the water near you.

My Friend the Earth is a book written by Patricia MacLachlan and gives voice to the different ecosystems and seasons of the Earth. We see how animals and plants live in different seasons. The book makes us think about the question: if we believe the Earth provides for us and all living things, how should we care for the Earth?

Old Enough to Save the Planet (Changemakers) is a collection of shared stories about kids who are activists from different countries. The kids act to protect the earth and address various environmental issues that impact their communities. Some of the environmental justice issues they address include food waste, protecting our oceans, the use of plastic, poaching, food production, commercial farming, endangered species, and deforestation. These kids are educating, organizing and being the change they want to see in the world while inviting others to join them.

One Earth is a book that helps us look at the many reasons we love the earth; from the beauty of nature to the abundance of creatures who call Earth home. We are reminded that there is only one Earth, so we can take simple steps to keep the Earth clean and protected so our planet can be better cared for by all of us.