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GCORR Book Study: Equity by Minal Bopaiah (Religion & Race)

GCORR Book Study Guide: For Small Groups & Individual Reflection

GCORR remains committed to supporting and resourcing the Church in its journey of dismantling racism. We are aware that people learn and grow in many ways due to the rich diversity of humanity.

Our hope is that this study guide resource will help you on your anti-racism journey, deepen your faith, and strengthen your mind and spirit to continue working for a more just and equitable world.

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Equity by Minal Bopaiah

“Bopaiah demonstrates how leaders can effectively raise awareness of systemic bias and craft new policies that lead to better outcomes and lasting behavioral changes.”

Bopaiah offers step by step process for designing an equitable organization. The book teaches leaders how to create an organizational structure to allow all staff to thrive, not just some staff.

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How To Use This Study

This book study guide follows the structure of the book:

  • Session 1: Introduction and Chapter 1 – The Relationship between Bias, Systems, and Equity
  • Session 2: Chapter 2 – A Design Approach to IDEA
  • Session 3: Chapter 3 – Engaged and Equitable Leadership
  • Session 4: Chapter 4 – Bridging the Gap
  • Session 5: Chapter 5 – Communicating the Change
  • Session 6: Chapter 6 – Creating Equity Through Media and Marketing and Conclusion

Sessions may be completed each week for a 6-week study.