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Lenten Small Group Study (The Collective Table, San Dieguito UMC)

Are you searching for a creative study to use during Lent this year?  Do you want something that’s accessible?You know, something where anyone can facilitate the group?Something that is available in person or online?Maybe something that reminds all of us the God created us to be in community, especially as we moving through this Lenten season of reflection and preparation?The Collective Table is here for you!

This is Dana! And this is Chelsea. And we wanted to share our Art of Community collaboration. It’s a podcast; it’s curriculum, it’s meditation, it’s art, it’s music….it’s about your community, your relationship with God and others.

When we engage with one another through small group experiences we are creating the art of community!  Every person has an opportunity to offer their lived experiences.  All which add textures, layers, and color to the community mosaic.  Take time to inch closer to God and with each other through this small group Lenten experience – one brush stroke at a time.

Here is a link: Sign up and receive all the materials you need to launch this opportunity!

Visit TheCollectiveTable.Org or email for more information.