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Loss Control Workshops 2023

As a local church pastor, I know it seems like “one more thing” to attend the Loss Prevention Workshops sponsored by HUB International and Philadelphia Insurance, and to try to get lay people from your church to join you. But I’ve learned that these sessions are incredibly important to the overall physical and financial health of our campuses. We want all our churches to be able to provide exciting ministry to their communities in a safe and effective manner.

The workshops will include information on how to prevent leaks/floods, how to prevent fires, how to deal with safety hazards on your campus, and how to keep your parsonages fully covered, just to name a few items. I guarantee you will benefit from these sessions.

Please register to receive the Zoom invitation. The more you know, the less chance you’ll experience costly interruptions in your ministries.

Your Servant in Christ,

Rev. Joy Price
President, Cal-Pac Board of Trustees