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Worship Share: Churches Helping Churches

Throughout the COVID pandemic, clergy and laity have felt the stress and strain of worship planning, recording, video editing, and protocol changes. Some have expressed a sense of fatigue and lack of creativity while others have used all the tricks and resources they can find and still come up short of the excellence they aspire to or crave. 

To provide some relief to pastors/preachers, tech teams, and musicians, we have created a platform where churches can upload pre-recorded worship elements and share with others. This will give all churches an opportunity to support others with songs, sermons, readings, drama, dance, or other liturgical elements that others can use. There will need to be vigilance about licensing on the part of the congregations who opt to download items, but many have already figured out those logistics. 

Feel free to share a video clip, where it is from, artists involved, a brief description, and any credits that would help those opting to use to properly site the source(s). We welcome videos in all languages and translations. If you are unsure of whether what you wish to offer is useful, contact the Office of Communications and we will assist you with making that determination.