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Celebrating unity on World Communion Sunday (UM News)

October 3, 2022

Hillcrest United Methodist Church (Nashville, TN) joined with four congregations and a nonprofit organization to celebrate World Communion Sunday with a Festival of Nations. The various groups represent many cultures from four continents and speak more than five languages. All of them utilize the Hillcrest United Methodist Church facility each week.

“Each one of these ministries is doing amazing work and is really allowing all of us to be part of something greater than what we could do individually,” said the Rev. David Ssebulime, lead pastor of Hillcrest United Methodist Church. “We have not yet seen or even imagined what is possible when we unite God’s people. … We believe that God has brought us together under the same roof for a greater purpose.”

The groups are now better connected through the shared experiences of the day, which included a worship service, a time of learning about each other, a meal comprising dishes from multiple cultures, and an opportunity for fellowship.

The congregations plan to continue supporting each other and strengthening their ministry partnerships. Each pastor expressed the same belief: God’s love unites us.