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Ministry that Makes A Difference (New Ministries)

Faith with spiritual refugees? Check.
Services for social refugees? Check.

That is holiness in the United Methodist way coming alive through Refuge Ministry at Echo Park United Methodist Church as well as their non-profit organization entitled, “Echo Park Immigration Center” (E.P.I.C.).

Since the last time California-Pacific Conference was in touch with Josh Lopez-Reyes (Creative Director of the ministry) and crew, they have been busy. Their new ministry project (or, more like projects) has included a group studying BIPOC theologians, mentoring up-and-coming religious leaders in seminary or otherwise, an upcoming podcast telling the stories of those considered, “in the margins,” and the list goes on.

They are also providing services for those who are otherly documented through a non-profit organization in development. Of course, they consider it ministry as well, as they convey the message that such refugees do not have to walk alone.

All in all, this is a creative effort with a lot of production involved. There is a clear purpose to the work: to connect in a way that is familiar and compassionate to the context of people who are far away from the four walls of the Church.

Those who desire to support their ministry can listen to Josh’s thoughts below and then visit and to learn more, participate, and/or make a donation.

This project meets the immediate needs of those who are marginalized and lost in the immigration process. Through E.P.I.C., lives are transformed, and people meet Christ for the first time.

To learn more about the Cal-Pac New Ministries EMT, visit