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Zimbabwean family shares bounty with church (UM News)

October 19, 2022

Amid severe economic adversity in Zimbabwe, a local family inspired overflowing joy as they shared their blessings. 

The Mukandi family donated money to build a borehole, parsonage and sanctuary at Bwanya United Methodist Church. Zimbabwe Area Bishop Eben K. Nhiwatiwa dedicated the gifts — worth thousands of dollars — in August.

“What has happened here,” he said, “is a great work in the name of God. This is God-inspired giving, no doubt, pure generosity from the heart.” 

The Mutoko Mudzi District will use the sanctuary for day-to-day activities, as well as for district and annual conferences.

“We have now an increase of modern facilities for the church,” Nhiwatiwa said. “This is a typical example of what people of God can do, even at the family level. This is immense, indeed. Remember that things which are put in the hands of God have a legacy that lives forever. 

Bishop Edmore Chiota with the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe said it was a great honor to be invited to witness the even, made possible by God’s grace. 

Charity Mukandi said she is proud to leave this legacy behind.

“I come from a humble background, and my parents were not Christians, but I thank God for locating me and giving me the desire to work for him. I am forever grateful. Other people … are richer than me, but were not given the opportunity to construct a sanctuary; hence, I am thankful to the Lord for this opportunity.

She said her family’s charitable giving will not end with Bwanya United Methodist Church, adding that they will reach out to other circuits and denominations. The family, which owns Bokwest Investments, is seeking God’s guidance about future benevolent projects, she said.

The Rev. Agasha Siyakurima, pastor-in-charge of the Mutoko East 2 Circuit that includes Bwanya United Methodist Church, said the Mukandi family has preached across the circuit. 

“They have showed humility, service and concern for others,” Siyakurima said. “In addition, they are paying school fees for orphans and other vulnerable children, have supported widows with poultry projects and the elderly with food hampers.”

The family also distributed church regalia to everyone at Bwanya United Methodist Church and treated members of the women’s organization to lunch, clothing and food baskets at Christmas.

Siyakurima said Bwanya had no sanctuary, and members used to worship in a rented classroom.

“The Mukandi family transformed everything. Many church activities are now being held at Bwanya due to the size of the sanctuary and the good facilities. 

“The drilled borehole is electrically powered and benefiting both the community and the church to access running clean and potable water,” Siyakurima added. “The water challenge is now a thing of the past. Every building has running water.”

“We are very happy. With the water available, we can do our gardening and feed our families,” she said.