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Vision: Ending Spiritual & Physical Hunger

The California-Pacific Conference’s vision “Ending Spiritual and Physical Hunger” resonates and inspires the laity and clergy of our area to give, lead, and serve in new and exciting ways. Many of the examples and expressions of grace, connection, and service have been realized and grown exponentially during the pandemic and subsequent seasons.  


You are invited to click on the images below to listen to the story of our vision and our journey together. The videos are available in English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Samoan, Spanish, Tagalog, Tongan, and Vietnamese. You may also download the script in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Samoan, Spanish, and Tagalog.

Please share these videos on social media and invite members of your congregation to view them. Look for the many ways we are already living into this grand vision of “Ending Spiritual and Physical Hunger.”

Special thanks to all the translators and narrators: Rev. Lupita Alonso Redondo, Rev. Judy Chung, Rev. J.T. Greenleaf, Rev. Joel Hortiales, Rev. In Kwon Jun, Rev. Camille Mattick, Rev. Chang Min Lee, Nancy Perez-Barcelo, Pastor Monalisa Siofele-Lolohea, Pastor Lyda Eddington, and Monalisa Tu’itahi. Most images and videos were provided by congregations and members of the churches featured. Other images and video credits belong to Phaendin Chuenmongkolsakul, Kouassi Gilbert Ambeu, Michal Bednarek. Stock footage provided by GetMyStock, icsnaps, MaxWebbFilms and Salkauskas, from Pond5. Stock photos provided by NIEproject, succulentstock, from Pond5. All music is royalty-free music, per Wondershare.