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Rev. Riley McRae
Chair, Camp and Retreat Ministries

Rev. David Berkey
Director of Camp and Retreat Ministries and Operations

Michele Corbett
Business Office Manager
(626) 568-7333

Mission & Purpose

United Methodist camp and retreat ministries create environments of intentional Christian hospitality and learning within natural settings designed specifically to help persons and groups:

  • Affirm and expand their faith in God.
  • Learn and practice Christian discipleship.
  • Grow in wisdom and in healthy self-esteem.
  • Establish relationships and lifestyles of loving interdependence with one another and all creation.
  • Develop as skilled spiritual leaders who move out to inspire faith communities and society at large to “seek God and to do justice.”
  • Find renewal, encouragement, and support as leaders and participants from a host of religiously affiliated and non-profit organizations, so that they might more effectively fulfill their purposes of bettering the world and transforming countless lives.

Core Values and Beliefs

EVERYONE belongs, is welcome and is to feel safe.
• Meaningful RELATIONSHIPS with God and others happen here
• God’s CREATION is to be enjoyed.
• TIME spent away is good for peace of mind and soul.
• Lives are TRANSFORMED so that the world might be changed.

The Seven Foundations of United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries are that we:

1 – Provide Sacred Places Apart
2 – Nurture Christian Faith and Discipleship
3 – Extend Christian Hospitality and Community
4 – Develop Principled Spiritual Leaders
5 – Partner with United Methodist Churches and Agencies
6 – Teach Creation Care and Appreciation
7 – Inspire and Equip Lives for Love and Service