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Board of Ordained Ministry Decisions to Support Candidates (July 28, 2020)

The California-Pacific Conference Board of Ordained Ministry recently made the following decisions in light of our current public health situation:

1. Psychological Assessments – During this time, Samaritan Counseling Center may perform Psychological Assessments safely using the HIPPA approved secure connection Telehealth. 

2. CPE – The Board of Ordained Ministry Leadership has heard from several candidates and advocates of candidates concerned that our CPE requirement will prevent them from applying for commissioning this October because so many CPE programs are shut down. Therefore, the Board Executive Committee voted that the Board of Ordained Ministry will NOT require candidates to take CPE in order to apply for provisional membership and commissioning for the 2020-2021 application year.

The Board does not want to penalize candidates during this extraordinary time by requiring CPE when it will be nearly impossible for them to fulfill the requirement due to the shutdown of programs.

3. Pass/Fail – The Board of Ordained Ministry of the California-Pacific Conference will continue to honor the pass/fail grading option for the Basic Graduate Theological Studies for the Fall Term of 2020. This option is applicable only to the students whose institutions offer the pass or fail as a grading system. (Policy Updated: July 23, 2020)