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UMW Mission u Resources

Our Mission u studies are here and they are awesome!! Each study contains excellent resources to use, and can be taught right now by anyone, preferably by virtual learning. Feel free to share with friends near and far so they, too, can benefit from these studies.

To see what is available, go to Click on Mission Studies.

For Finding Peace in an Anxious Word you will find:

  • A revised participant’s guide, which is designed to be used virtually in small groups or individually. For units who wish to do the study in person when it is safe to meet again, or for individuals who may not have internet access but still want to engage the study, the participant’s guide can be printed and shared.
  • Links to eight videos, two for each module of the study, that give overviews and theological descriptions. These were created by Pastor Denise Haskins and Dr. Glory Dharmaraj, both of whom were preparing to be study leader trainers this year.
  • A resource on hosting virtual meetings that may aid you in planning.

For Pushout – The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools you’ll find the Leader’s Guide, but please save this study for 2021.

For Women United for Change: 150 Years in Mission, Mission Study 2019 Special Publication, you’ll find:

  • Faith Talks with Ellen Blue (audio)
  • A Supplement written by Julia Tulloch
  • A Leader’s Guide, available in English, Korean and Spanish
  • A guide for a one-day retreat

The 2021 Mission u studies will continue as planned:

  • Pushout
  • Finding Peace
  • Moral Witness of the Church
  • Children’s and youth studies on violence
  • Luke 13: New biblically based curriculum

Peace, shalom, salaam,

Barbara Miller
Dean, Mission u 2020
United Methodist Women