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Charge Conference Form Workshops 2021 (Leadership)

The Conference invites all clergy, church admins, SPRC chairs, and Trustees Presidents to attend one or more of the following online workshops to learn about the new structure of Charge Conference forms for the 2021-2022 year, as well as how to complete them, the new digital signature process, and more:

Churches are asked to send at least one representative, but all church leaders who complete charge conference forms are invited to attend. Others who would like to see how we are responding to requests to improve the process of completing and submitting these reports needed by the local church, the Conference, and the denomination are welcome as well.

Participants are invited to attend a session which fits with their schedules or as many as they need. The content at each session will be the same, but the Q&A sessions will differ between the sessions.

The facilitator is Jennifer Gaylord, Database Coordinator from Cal-Pac Data Services.

For questions about this event, please contact your district office or Jennifer Gaylord at or 626.568.7363.