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Upcoming LSM Classes (Lay Servant Ministries)

Hello to all of you fellow travelers on the spiritual journey of Lay Servant Ministry and to all of you interested in Lay Servant Ministry. Your Lay Servant Ministry Committee will be offering three classes in the coming months.

Unfortunately, the first two classes are so popular that they are already full. But your Lay Servant Ministry Committee is already looking to next year to see what we might be able to offer. 

Please do not forgot that you can always take advanced Lay Servant Ministry classes on These are challenging and rewarding classes that are available throughout the year. 

Back to our Cal-Pac classes:

In August, Winnie Ching will be teaching “Discovering You Spiritual Gifts” using the new book For the Common Good, Discovering and Using Your Spiritual Gifts by Christine Harman.  This is an Advanced Class and typically the second step in becoming a Certified Lay Servant, but anyone can take this class. 

In September, Pam Churness will be offering the United Methodist Polity class which is also an advanced class and one of the required classes for becoming a Certified Lay Speaker if one wishes to pursue that track.  However, that class can also be taken by anyone as well. 

In November, Howard Fallman will be teaching the Basic Lay Servant Ministry class, which is the class where all those interested in any level of Lay Ministry should begin, whether it be Certified Lay Servant, Certified Lay Speaker or Certified Lay Minister. 

After you take the Basic Lay Servant Class, you have 3 years to take an advanced class to qualify you as a Certified Lay Servant.  If you want to continue on to being a Certified Lay Speaker, you will need to take the following advanced classes:  Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts, United Methodist Heritage, United Methodist Polity, Leading Prayer, Planning Worship, Leading Worship, and Preaching. 

We look forward to seeing you in one of our classes, getting to know you, and growing our faith community together. 

Grace and Peace to You,

Your California-Pacific Annual Conference Lay Servant Ministry Committee