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Call to Prayer – Holy Week 2014

prayerIn the midst of Holy Week, let us keep in our prayers those around the world who are experiencing great loss and fear because of turmoil, conflict and tragedy. Let us also pray for those close to home who are suffering because of the vulnerability and finiteness of our human bodies.

Bishop Eduard Khegay, our United Methodist bishop assigned to Eurasia, has asked for prayers for the Moldova Annual Conference Session scheduled for next week in Western Ukraine. The Ukrainian government is prohibiting Russians from entering the country and Bishop Khegay is Russian living in Moscow, Russia. Pray that Bishop Khegay may be able to go to Western Ukraine to lead God’s people.

In South Korea, a ferry has sunk into the ocean with nearly 300 people still missing, most of whom are high school students on their way to an island as part of a class trip. We know that our Korean brothers and sisters here in our California-Pacific Conference, as well as those in the Korean Methodist Church, are deeply affected by this tragedy, as we all are.

Here at home two of our district superintendents are suffering illness. DS Bau Dang just underwent a procedure to address kidney stones, and DS Kathey Wilborn is recovering from pneumonia. Retired pastor Karen Moore and local pastor Steven Howard just lost their mothers.

Let us pray for God’s mercy and grace in these times of trouble, illness and death. God of goodness, love and life is among us.


Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño
Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop
The United Methodist Church