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Bishop Escobedo-Frank’s Hawai‘i Visit Continues in Celebration and Support of Community Service

From January 19 to January 21, Bishop Escobedo-Frank and Rev. Dr. Denyse Barnes visited Honolulu for several events recognizing history and community work in Hawai‘i. Saturday, January 20 included a celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Susannah Wesley Community Center.

Beginning in 1899 as a missionary effort to provide English and sewing classes to Japanese and Korean migrant women in Hawai‘i, the “Susannah Wesley Home,” also housed girls and young women aged 4 to 20. Today, the Susannah Wesley Community Center provides comprehensive social services to youths, adults, and families with great social and economic challenges with the goal of helping them move towards self-sufficiency and independence. The Center particularly focuses on new immigrants to the area and provides a range of youth and family programs, workforce development programs, a food pantry, and a Trafficking Victim Assistance Program. Bishop Escobedo-Frank spoke during the celebration, which was also an opportunity to raise funds and supplies and included a diaper drive.

Rev. Dr. Denyse Barnes said that the Community Center does “incredible work for so many people in their community and have been loyally and constantly supported by United Women of Faith. We had a great service of gratitude, packed diaper kits for families in need and hygiene kits for victims of human trafficking. All ended with a great lunch and of course, cake because that’s what Methodists do!”

To learn more about the Susannah Wesley Community Center and support their mission through donations, visit their website at