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Bishop Hagiya’s Easter Message

As we observe the most sacred of days for us as Christians, let me remind you that we walk the same journey as Jesus during this time. Today, we are reminded of the pain, suffering, and torture that Jesus experienced on Good Friday. It was more than any human could bear, and Jesus faced this alone with no support from those who abandoned him.

So too, in our world, people are suffering and dying in a senseless war in Ukraine, often alone and abandoned. On the Island of Tonga, people continue to suffer from the devastating effects of the volcanic eruption that caused massive damage to their island. In our country, innocent victims are suffering and dying over senseless mass shootings, and all over the world living species are being driven to extinction due to global warming and the destruction of our environment.

And yet, we know that our sacred story does not end with suffering and death. We cannot bypass Good Friday, but we also know that God has the last word. We know that if we are faithful in our sufferings, an Easter dawn will break, and God’s glory will shine forth. As we walk through the very shadow of death, let us remember that God turns the table on death itself, and resurrection takes its place in the divine order of all things.

As we truly walk the journey of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we cannot escape the suffering and death, and yet, along this same journey, life and love await us in the end. It is worth that wait. Indeed, it is worth that wait.

Be the Hope,

Bishop Grant J. Hagiya
Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop