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Call for 2021 Summer Camp Counselors

Hello, Friends:

It is an exciting time at our California-Pacific Conference Camps as we are getting ready to host our first groups in over 60 weeks. There are still open spots in some of our camps, so please register your camper ASAP for an amazing camp experience at Lazy W Ranch (West District), Camp Cedar Glen (South District), or Camp Wrightwood (East & North Districts).

We need your help!  Due to state and county COVID guidelines we are required to have more counselors.  We can’t have as many campers in a cabin due to the protocols, yet we need the same volunteer staff per cabin.

This summer camp time is going to mean more than we can even imagine to our campers.  We need role models for these young people – adults who have faith that they can share, who have patience and compassion to gift to children and youth who have had a very, very hard year. 

Being a camp counselor is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities around!  If you can work out the time to be at any of our camps and can do the pre-camp Safe Gatherings and training, you are welcome and you are needed! 

Counselors range in age from 16 to 86.  No previous church camp experience required. If you are at all interested, contact:

We need help in particular for the following camps:

  • LAZY W RANCH (San Juan Capistrano, CA) with Elementary students July 7-10 & Junior High students July 21-24
  • CAMP CEDAR GLEN (Julian, CA) with Junior High students July 11-14
  • CAMP WRIGHTWOOD (Wrightwood, CA) with Junior High students July 11-16

We hope you will consider this opportunity.  It is life-giving for counselors as much as it is for the campers!  Come and see for yourself!

Thank you,

Kenny Funk
Director, Camp Wrightwood
Interim Director of Camping Operations, Cal-Pac Conference