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Call for backpacks for Asylum seeker children (Justice & Compassion)

Children arrive with their parents across our borders every day. They have been through unimaginable experiences, and their journey is not yet over. Parents are busy and distracted once they arrive, causing more stress to the children (and the parents!) These backpacks are designed to provide a little love, welcome, comfort, and distraction for the children.

Here is a list of the supplies I used to make up the backpacks. These were designed for younger children. I would love to make some for older kids and teens – I have included some ideas for those further down on the list.

Once the backpacks are completed, they need to be sent to one of our border-working United Methodist Churches and Missions. If you contact me once you have them all, I can coordinate making that happen! (; 805.832.1593)

I sourced everything from as I only had a short time scale, and they are so quick to deliver most things. I also made lots of signs about what to put in each bag detailing things like one pencil, six stickers, three crayons put into the Ziploc bags, etc); all of these are just suggestions – feel free to add anything else you might find.

Backpacks (Nylon Drawstring Sport Bag, 40 Pcs)

For Younger Children

Notepads (Lined Bulk 60 Pack Mini Journal, 3.5″ x 5.5″ 30 Sheets/60 Pages)

Pencils and Sharpeners:

Crayons and Bags to put them in: (We put in three per backpack.)

Stress strips (Stress Releasing Strips, Gradient Styles, Stickers, 50 Pieces)

Postcards for welcome notes (Junkin 80 Pack Hello Postcards, 4 x 6 Inch)

Coloring Books (28 Pcs with Unicorn, Mermaid, Alpaca Design 5.2″ x 7.13″)

Slap Bracelets (50 Pcs Wristbands with varying designs)


Stickers (600 Pcs Cute Vinyl Stickers for Water Bottles, Laptops, Skateboards)

Ideas for Older Children and Teens


Stickers (500 Pcs Cute Stickers, Vinyl, for Kids Teens, Waterproof)

Notepads (50 Pcs Inspirational Boho Mini Notebooks Pocket Journal)

Stress Balls (36 Pcs Star Mini Foam, Gold, Smile, 1.6″)

Fidget Toys (100 Pcs Random Color Mini Pop Keychain Silicone Squeeze)

Zip-up bags (50 Pcs You Are Amazing Rainbow, Inspirational, Waterproof)

Beanies (48 Pack Kids Winter Beanies, Bulk)

Toiletries (Hotel Toiletries Bundle, Tropical Waterfall, 200 Pcs, 50 4-piece sets)

Thank you!

Rev. Dr. Denyse Barnes
Director of Justice & Compassion EMT