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JCEMT 2nd Quarterly Newsletter 2023 (Justice & Compassion)

Beloved Cal-Pac family,

What a busy few months we have had across our conference. We are getting ready to launch our grant process for three different grants – Hunger, Justice & Compassion Essential Ministry Team (JCEMT), and Peace with Justice. So please keep a look out for those to hit in the next week or so.

This newsletter details some of the amazing work being done by last year’s JCEMT grant recipients. We launched our new Eco-Justice strategy group last month and were grateful for the large amount of interest we received. If you are interested in joining in this important work please reach out to Kenny Funk ( or Jaime Nieves ( They are planning some great projects and resources for churches as well as camps for youth and young adults.

Our border work continues to be a high priority as we struggle to care for those waiting to cross, and those who have been granted entry. We are looking at ways to extend our abilities to care for these individuals and find other agencies and non-profits to partner with in this vital work.

Contact details for all our strategy groups and JCEMT leadership teams are included at the end of this newsletter – we would love to hear from you!


Rev. Denyse Barnes
Director of Justice & Compassion EMT