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Super Bowl Sacking Hunger Challenge

by Todd Seifert, Great Plains Conference

Bishop David Wilson of the Great Plains Conference and Bishop Bob Farr of the Missouri Conference have teamed up to invite colleagues in the California-Nevada, California-Pacific, and Oregon-Idaho conferences to a friendly competition to see which team’s fans can collect the most food for food pantries in their mission fields.

During the time of last year’s Super Bowl, the Great Plains and Missouri conferences collected 105,367 pounds of food and the Greater New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania conferences gathered 74,560 pounds of food. The goal is to collect even more than last year’s total of nearly 180 thousand pounds!

Share the word with your congregations to bring nonperishable food items with them to church or another designated drop-off point through Thursday, Feb. 15, the week after the Super Bowl. Churches can decide for themselves to which food pantry they want to donate the food. It could be their own food pantry or another that operates within their communities.

But before you drop off the food, make sure you weigh it! And by the end of the day Thursday, Feb. 15, please have someone from your church fill in this simple form:

Either Kansas City or San Francisco will win the Super Bowl, but together we can score at least one victory against hunger in the communities we serve.

Todd Seifert serves as the Director of Communications for the Great Plains Conference, UMC.