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UMPIP Toolkit Available for Churches

A message from the General Board of Pensions:

We recognize that administering UMPIP is a responsibility that is shared between the local churches, conferences and the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits (General Board). To make this as easy as possible, we have developed a toolkit with educational materials that explain the contribution and remitting process. The toolkit is available on the General Board extranet at (username: extranet; password: gbop!123)—go to Submitting UMPIP Contributions for Clergy. It includes:

  • How to Submit UMPIP Contributions for Clergy—a step-by-step guide to deducting and remitting contributions to UMPIP, and reporting them to the IRS
  • The UMPIP adoption agreement  and instructions
  • Contribution Management FAQs—answers questions about our new online system for remitting contributions
  • The Security Administration Form—allows you to indicate which individuals at your organization should have access to  Contribution Management
  • The Before-Tax and After-Tax Contributions Agreement—allows participants to declare the amount or percentage of compensation they would like withheld for UMPIP contributions
  • The Investment Election Form—enables participants to indicate how their account should be invested
  • The Designation of Beneficiary for Retirement and Welfare Plans form—enables participants to name the person or persons to whom their account should be distributed upon death