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2021-2022 Program Book: Healing and Joy – On Our Journey to God (UMW)

The 2021–2022 United Methodist Women (UMW) Program Resource is now available for purchase online. It will focus on finding healing and joy in many areas of our lives, guided by those in the scriptures who felt a similar need to find healing and joy in the midst of transition and hardship.

Given the events of the last year, the first three months will focus on finding God’s healing and joy in the midst of grief and loss—whether that’s throwing big parties to celebrate returning to church like Nehemiah did, or quietly connecting with our ancestors’ strength. The second quarter will delve into our mission commitments such as ending the school-to-prison pipeline and climate justice through our attention to just energy for all. The third quarter will explore finding healing and joy in our meaning-making and search for personal growth, while the final quarter will focus on finding healing and joy as we move into the future, and consider how we will share the gospel  of United Methodist Women’s spiritual and justice work and discomfort ourselves with change to make great new things with God possible.

New This Year: This past year the United Methodist Women have learned that they can be much more creative than they knew, so each session (now helpfully organized into four quarters by season) will have options for in-person or online gathering, and devotions and questions that are appropriate for personal study, sharing with one neighbor or friend, or for discussion in large groups. Ideas on how to “Take the Next Most Faithful Step” close each program, suggesting ways you can put the ideas discussed here into action right now.