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Native American Ministries Sunday 2020

50% of giving to Native American Ministry Sunday stays within the Annual Conference. In the California-Pacific Conference, this allows for Native American Ministry members to participate in regional gatherings, such as the new Western Jurisdiction Native American Ministry gatherings, as well as national gatherings through Native American Comprehensive Plan.

It also provides for in Conference events such as two pow wows with Native American UMC of So Cal. In June we added a community pow wow to the annual Strawberry Festival; celebrating the gifts of Creator God that sustain and nourish us. In December the community asked that we take on a Christmas pow wow, and so the first Annual Christmas Pow Wow had it’s start with over 400 in attendance.

Gifts to this Special Sunday also allow Cal-Pac to reach out to students at Sherman Indian High School, Riverside, who come from communities across the United States (or as many Native American communities call this Turtle Island). Many thanks to all who provide for ministry in the Annual Conference and across the church. At last year’s Annual Conference supplies for Sherman Indian High School were gathered, which in the end took several car & SUV loads. Many, many thanks! Without such support, there is no other budget or line item for this important and historic ministry. Thank You!

Rev. Gregory Douglass, pastor
Native American UMC of So Cal
Native American Fellowship. L.A.

The official day of Native American Ministries Sunday is April 26, 2020. All are encouraged to celebrate this Sunday on any Sunday throughout the year.

Most Americans today recognize that the history following the arrival of the large canoes bore little resemblance to the one all Christians identify as Creator. That’s why the people of The United Methodist Church, Native and non-Native, are creating a new history. Through Native American Ministries Sunday, we’re able to equip and empower Native American pastors, congregations and seminary students to do what only they can do: authentically worship and serve Jesus.

When you support Native American Ministries Sunday, you equip seminary students who will honor and celebrate Native American culture in their ministries. And you empower congregations that are finding fresh new ways to minister to their communities with the love of Christ.

Pastor Kit resources are also available in Spanish and Korean.

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