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UMCOR Sunday 2023

The official day set to celebrate UMCOR Sunday 2023 is March 19, 2023. All are encouraged to celebrate this Sunday on any Sunday throughout the year.


Through the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) we are able to provide hope for communities and individuals whose lives have been upset by storms, wars, fires, displacement and climate change. This ministry is achieved exclusively through your generosity. UMCOR Sunday is a denomination wide celebration designed to raise awareness and support for UMCOR. The special offering on this Sunday underwrites UMCOR’s “cost of doing business” making it possible for UMCOR to focus on responding to communities and individuals when they need immediate assistance. It allows UMCOR to preserve the promise that 100% of any donation to a specific UMCOR project or missionary will go towards that project and not administrative cost.

UMCOR equips local churches, annual conferences and nonprofit organizations to be in mission with their communities and to respond to those left most vulnerable during challenging times. UMCOR responds to U.S. and international disasters, addresses diseases and poverty, assists refugees and immigrants, provides clean water and works to reduce hunger. UMCOR doesn’t just respond to the emergency for the short term. Working with local organizations, churches in the community and United Methodist volunteers, UMCOR builds relationships and helps communities rebuild, in the years following a disaster.

UMCOR would be unable to do this work without your support. By covering the operational cost on UMCOR Sunday, you equip the organization to respond when hope and safety is needed most. You strengthen the ministry and secure our ability for UMCOR to share God’s love with communities everywhere.

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