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United Methodist Student Day Sunday 2022

The official day of United Methodist Student Day Sunday is November 27, 2022. All are encouraged to celebrate this Sunday on any Sunday throughout the year.

Students are the future of The United Methodist Church In the 18th Century, our Wesleyan roots were formed around the importance of education and its role in spiritual formation. In fact, the original Special Sunday was created to help advance education for children – and today we call it United Methodist Student Day.

United Methodist Student Day was the original Special Sunday created by United Methodist Church Sunday Schools who collected offerings to help advance education for their children. The fund was originally established in 1872 as the Children’s Fund and in 1940 renamed as Student Day. Initially this Sunday was observed in June, but since 1968 it is celebrated on last Sunday in November. Today United Methodist Student Day Sunday has the same purpose, calling upon the denomination to support their students as they prepare for life by adding knowledge to their faith.

The funds received from the offering go into the United Methodist Student Loan Fund to underwrite scholarships for United Methodist students. Currently, there are over 70 scholarships available for United Methodist students. The fund is administered by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM). Students can apply for scholarships or loans here.

By investing in our students, the Church supports potential in students who will one day pay the investment forward to society. Together, we support their effort to become Christian leaders of tomorrow. Unfortunately, higher education grows more expensive and less accessible each year.

One of the major challenges that students face is a lack of financial support to attain a college education. Worrying about expenses adds to the already existing anxieties students experience. But for students attending United Methodist Churches, we extend a hand to help them accomplish their career goals.

Right now, there are United Methodist young people who might not have the resources to attend a school of their choice or, for some, any school at all. However, because of people like you, they will be sent into the world with gifts made through United Methodist Student Day. Your contribution is an acknowledgment that the church has confidence in them and in their abilities. The needs exceed what we can fund and your gifts can further growth and success. 

Read stories about the impact you are making with your gifts.

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