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UNEXPECTED: Bishop’s Convocation 2018

The theme of Bishop’s Convocation 2018 was “Unexpected.”

Resources from the event will continue to be made available via the button below.


Introducing “the current”

the current (9/20/18)

September 19, 2018 | Communications

By Marty Drake and Leyla Wagner Messy Church Leaders of Community UMC of Huntington Beach and Messy Church USA Regional Coordinators

As we consider the reasons for the decline in Sunday morning worship, we must then look at new ... Read More

the current (9/13/18)

September 12, 2018 | Communications

By Rev. Dr. Deb Shepherd-Webster (First UMC of Pasadena) and Rev. Ben Camp (Chair of the Cal-Pac Eco-Justice Task Force)

With all of the things that we have been seeing on the news, we followers of Jesus Christ might ... Read More

Declaración Pastoral en Apoyo a las Familias Detenidas y Separadas

Encontrara un Llamado a la Oración para el 4 de Julio, esta es una invitación para todos los Metodistas Unidos de la jurisdicción que se unan a nuestros corazones, mentes y voces en oración por nuestros inmigrantes y migrantes vecinos. También encontrará una Oración de Confesión para el uso de los Metodistas Unidos de la Jurisdicción del Oeste en nuestros diversos cultos durante la semana que viene.


This is A Call to Prayer on the 4th of July, an invitation for all United Methodists of the jurisdiction to join our hearts, minds, and voices in prayer for our immigrant and migrant neighbors. Also available is A Prayer of Confession for use by United Methodists of the Western Jurisdiction in our various worship services over the coming week.


Master Appointment List 2018

We are pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2018, Bishop Grant J. Hagiya appoints the pastors to the churches indicated beside their names as listed in the PDF accessible below. This is the Master Appointment List as of August 16, 2018 which includes pastors whose appointment was previously announced. This list may be updated throughout the year to reflect the most up to date appointment information.


The Latest

Transformative Initiatives

Transforming Vital

Transforming Christian

Bishop Hagiya

The Four Priorities of Transformation

As Bishop Hagiya introduced, our Conference ministries and initiatives will align according to four priorities as outlined in this diagram.