as passionate followers of Jesus Christ
so all may experience God’s life-giving love

As we, the California-Pacific Conference, enter into this particular moment in the life of The United Methodist Church, we are reminded of our call to embody a heart of peace and to nurture an outward mindset so that the Holy Spirit may lead all of us in new ways forward.

cal-pac and the special called session
(Picture) The California-Pacific Conference General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference Delegations elected in 2014. (Delegates by election and category, not according to picture) General Conference Lay Delegates:Leanne Nakanishi, Rosie Rios, Ken Ellis, and Mele Maka.  General Conference Clergy Delegates: Rev. Cedrick Bridgeforth, Rev. Tom Choi, Rev. Patricia Farris, and Rev. Sandy Olewine.  Jurisdictional Conference Lay Delegates: 4 General Conference Delegates plus JoAnn Yoon Fukumoto, Mele Faiva Blagojevich, Mark Stephenson, Ralph Hogan, Norma Kehrberg, Dione Taylor, and Mary Hawkins.  Jurisdictional Conference Clergy Delegates:Rev. Molly Vetter, Rev. Bau Dang, Rev. Frank Wulf, Rev. Judy Chung, Rev. Tonya Harris, Rev. Piula Ala’ilima, and Rev. Charlene Zuill.  Jurisdictional Conference Lay Reserve Delegates:Monalisa Tu’itahi and Elizabeth Roark. Jurisdictional Conference Clergy Reserve Delegates:Rev. Richard Bentley and Rev. Nestor Gerente.

Schedule of Cal-Pac Events:

With the theme of, “I see a new church,” the 35th Annual Session of the California-Pacific Conference will take place at University of Redlands (Redlands, CA) from June 13 thru 15, 2019. Pre-conference events begin on June 12, 2019.

the 35th annual session of the california-pacific conference

As the Bishop and Appointive Cabinet of the California-Pacific Conference, we would like to continue the practice of posting our clear appointment openings. We have received positive feedback from this process, and people feel there is a stronger sense of transparency and collaboration in the appointment process.

2019-2020 clear appointment openings

Become a vital presence in your community – learn how to fund community service and social justice concerns through partnering with outside agencies and funding projects beyond the Annual Conference resources.

rev. j. anthony boger, community development that revitalizes the church event 2019 @irvine

I wish conversations about emotions and emotional health were more prevalent in our communities of faith. I wish every young person in southern California had tools to understand, express and grow in their emotional selves.

– Rev. Marlene Urban-Funk, Winter Camp 2019 @Camp Wrightwood

Melody will share her years of teaching experience with you to prepare you to be the leader of a Lay Servant course. We need you to help grow our Lay Servant Ministries though teaching!es.

called to teach 2019 (LSM)

Let’s take that step together! With a faith-based response to climate change, rooted in love and compassion of Christ, focused on our children and grandchildren, we can do more than just survive.

sparking a climate revolution (UMW) 2019 @yorba linda



2019 Charge Conference Forms

The 2019 Charge Conference Forms are now available via the button below.

Annually, a local church gathers information in preparation for the “Charge Conference” that is vital to transformation according to the Conference’s Four Priorities.


If we are to now grow and prosper, we are to move away from institutional maintenance and engage in real mission right where we live.

bishop grant j. hagiya, annual conference 2017