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US and Mexico Faith and Community Leaders Visiting Unaccompanied Migrant Children Temporary Holding Facility in McAllen, TX

As the Obama Administration prepares to fast-track the deportation of these unaccompanied migrant children against public opinion (Reuters/Ipsos poll), faith and community leaders from both The United States and Mexico will visit a temporary holding facility in McAllen, Texas on Monday, August 18, 2014.

Journey to Wholeness: Annual Conference 2014


Some 1,500 United Methodists gathered for four spectacular days for the 30th Annual Session of the California-Pacific Conference in June 2014. Further coverage will become available soon!

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Imagine No Malaria

300,000+ lives saved

Actress Pauley Perette of the hit television show NCIS tells us how just $10 can save a life from malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa.  300,000+ lives saved is our Cal-Pac goal through a pledge of $100 per attending member

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